Nancy Romita, Alexander Technique Teacher in Baltimore, MDThe Alexander Technique is a movement practice that helps restore the natural poise of the body. Through verbal instruction and gentle touch the teacher guides a student to discover more ease and efficiency of movement. This process teaches skills that help to reduce habitual tension, improve posture, and refine one’s neuromuscular coordination by enhancing body awareness during daily activities.

Sessions include movement work that examine daily tasks such as sitting, standing, bending, driving, sleeping, desk work, sports or performance arts activities that are important to that particular student etc. Applying the principles of the Alexander method, the teacher guides the student to move in a freer, easier manner, reducing physical stress on the body. The sessions also involve work lying down, during which the principles of the Alexander Technique are presented while the body is in a form of constructive rest. Ms Romita’s practice includes people who want to improve neuromuscular coordination and balance, people recovering from surgery or injury, or people with chronic muscle pain or joint issues, and people with breathing or voice problems. Athletes as well as performing artists such as musicians, actors and dancers also practice the Alexander Technique to enhance performance and minimize injury and issues that arise from the rigorous demands on the body in these fields.

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